Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Mardi Gras!!

Happy Mardi Gras!!!

I's not doing to great today, my legs are still botherin me a lot.  Both back legs are not really workin right and somehow I managed to hurt one of my front legs - it are makin walkin pretty much impossible right now.  So my momma are havin to sling me up when I goes outside to do bizness.

And she wuz doing dat dis mornin when dis guy stopped his car to ask "what are you doing wif dat dog?"  Only, ok, he didn't really talk like dat, but ya gets da idea.  I don't know why he thought it wuz any of his bizness, but Momma told him I wuz hurt.  And he responded dat she should "do it a favor and put it out of its misery."  What da woof????  She told him he should do da world a favor and kill himself, along wif some HBO words.  Den he called momma a bitch and zoomed off.

Who in da world would say somefin like dat?  Would ya tell an old person in a wheelchair or wif a walker dat dey should just die???  Sometimes dere are way too much of people sayin whatefur dumb thought enters dere head and not thinkin at all.  We's gotten some rood comments bout my stroller and bout Finley's itchies before, but dat one definitely wuz da roodest thing we has heard.  Somebody shoulda watched Bambi more.

Anyways, momma has been in a bad mood all day cuz of it, but we did have some tasty Mardi Gras noms (well, mostly for da peeps, but I snoopervised da cookin).

Crawfish eh-too-fay and garlic bread wuz for dinner.

Hurricanes to drink!

King Cake for dessert - dis year it turned out a lil messy, but it wuz yummy.  I got to lick my momma's plate - yum!!!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭禧發財!  Bet y'all didn't know I could bark Chinese.  But me and momma went to UCLA which pretty much makes us honorary Ayshuns.  Just sayin.

Anyways, to celebrate da Year of da Monkey, momma made me dis Ayshun-inspired dress.

See all dem cute lil gay-shuh girls?  Here are a close up.

Arooo, here's hopin all my pals has a pawsome Year of the Monkey!

Da mommas made lemon chikken tonite to celebrates - yum!!!

I are not doin too good today, my leg are really actin up and I has not really been able to walk.  :(  Hopin I feel better tomorrow, after all, it are Mardi Paws.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all, I's famous!  And not just Blogville-famous, I are real-life famous.  Today when I wuz out on my walkie, I ackshually stopped traffic.  Cuz da pawparazzi stopped dere truck and asked if dey could take me and momma's pickshure!  Just like I wuz Lady Gaga or Britney Spears or Beyoncé or Katy Perry or somefin!

Ok, well, maybe da pawparazzi just said dey wuz from Oklahoma and had never seen a dog in a stroller before.  Dey also wuz lookin for a La Quinta hotel (dey said La Kwin-ta) on La Quinta Drive in da middle of our nayborhood.  Yeah, like dere are gonna be a La Quinta in da middle of a suburban nayborhood.  Don't ask me, sometimes da pawparazzi don't make a lotta cents.  But I luvs my adorin public, whether or not dey got any clue where dey are.   By da way, da mommas wuz nice and told em how to get to da hotel.  Yeah, my momma can okayshunally be nice.  Shockin, I knows.

Ok, it are back to da Snooper Bowl and hopin for some noms (I did score lil bit!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day

All I gotta say is "What da woof?"  We is now takin weather predickshuns from a giant rodent from Pennsylvania??  I mean, I know dat da weather guys is usooally wrong lately and dat dey luvs nuffin more dan interruptin a good TV show, but rodents?  We's takin predickshuns from rodents?   Don't ya know dat rodents are for deadin, not for weather forecastin??

Ok, well, since dis Phil predicted dat spring are comin soon, I guess I can let him live and not dead him.  It has nuffin to do wif da fact dat at 20 pounds, dat fat rat outweighs me.  Nope, nuffin to do wif dat at all.  I's just bein gin-or-us and lettin him live since he predicted spring wuz on its way.  Yeah, dat's da ticket!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Whitley for President

Hey y'all!  Well, da big news of da day, at least if ya lives in America, it are all dis pawlitical stuff goin on.    Here are my opinion bout most of it.

Anyways, dis has got me thinkin - I should run for President.  Ya knows us terrierists would be tuff on nashinul defense - just ask dem skwerrils and rats I's deaded.  And  I gots all da bestest kwalitees of da pawlitishuns.  I's got da crazy white hair like Bernie.  I's a girl like Hillary.  I went to Hahvahd Law Schools like Teddy Cruz.  I's a brown-eyed cutie even though I gots big ears - just like Marco.  I's a loudmouth who tells it like it are like Chris Christie.  And I's rich like Trump (I mean, has ya seen all dem toys and dresses??) and I knows how to use da twitter.  So, da Portuguese water dogs have had their turn, it are time to #MakeAmericaTerrierificAgain.    White dog, white house, sounds good to me.  Speshully da pawsonal chef part.

Ok so enuf of da pawliticks, it are offishully da month of LUV (smoochies to dat cutie pie Bilbo) and I are wearin my new Valentine's t-shirt today, long wif my bandanarama.

Ya know what I would LUV right now??  A nilla cookie!  And some icy cream!