Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Well, my Labor Day wuz full of pool ball, barkin, and baby back ribs.  So it were pretty good.  And by da way, I are gonna be wearin white after Labor Day, ya just gotta deal wif it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ya Wanna Get Me a WHAT for my birthday?

Hey pups.  Today wuz ok, I guess.  It started with a Forced Bataan Death March Zombie Patrol™ where at least I gotta bark some zombies.  Ya knows what kinda zombies I really don't understand?  Runnin zombies.  Dey just run and run and dey ain't even chasin a skwerril.  I don't know what are wrong wif em.  Maybe dey ate dere own brains or somefin.  Anyways, I always bark dem real good.  Sometimes I even likes to sit to bark em, but momma always drags me along.  And makes all kindsa rude comments bout me gettin a cattle prod for my birthday, which are comin up real soon.  I been tellin her I need a princess stroller, but I don't think she are gonna go for dat one, she says I need to keep walkin so I my arthur-eye-tis don't get even worser.  Oh well.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Are Ya Ready For Some Football??

Well, I am!

I watched my UCLA Bruins beat Virginia earlier today - I are pretty sure it were all my barkin at dem dat helped dem win.  Now I's switched to my Texas jersey to cheer dem on.

And don't forget da best part of football watchin, da snacks!  Be sure to snag some of those while your peeps is busy yellin at da TVs.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Momma slept in today, so I didn't get to go on my Zombie Patrol™ today.  Which momma says mighta been good so my toenail could recooperate itself.  At least I got in my pool ball.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not a Fashun Eggsecory

Yeah, dere are a reason I are wearin dis bandage and it are not a fashun eggsecory.  It are cuz one of my toenails wuz bleedin when I came home from my Zombie Patrol™.  And da same thing happened yesterday, it kinda freaked my momma out.  See, she wuz out gettin a fizzy water from da garage fridge for her exorcisin and she saw blood on da kitchen floor.  Well, dat wuz yesterday and I got all bandaged up until my toenail stopped bleedin (I don't clot real great and can tend to bleed for quite a while).  Well, my footsie was fine all of yesterday and last night, but today after out walk, it wuz doin da same thing.  Maybe it are cuz I keep balkin and diggin my feet into da sidewalk.  But if momma would just let me nap in da naybor's yard, dis probably wouldn't happen.

Anyways, I were not feelin real great.  I even let my momma cuddle me last night instead of goin straight to my Head of Security Guard Post at da foot of da bed.  I went up to momma and wanted snuggles.  Dat never happens!

I's just hopin my foot don't do no bleedin stuff tomorrows.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Most Influenshal Blogger Award

Hey y'all.  It were a pretty ok day round here, I went on my Zombie Patrol™ and dere were a lotta zombies walkin dere zombie dogs and I had to bark dem all.  In between sittin down and not wantin to move dat is.  And I played pool ball and floated round in my pool float.  And I smelled some chikken bein cooked, do y'all think I can beg some off my momma?

I also got dis Most Influenshal Blogger Award from my pal Zippy da Whippet.  Fanks!  For dis award, I are sposed to post my favoritest song and nominate 10 other bloggers.

Dis are my favorite song.  My momma sings it to me all da time, it are kinda our song and dis are my favorite vershun of it.

I are nominatin:
1.  Zaidie
2.  Zoe
3.  Puffy
4.  Ranger
5.  Daisy
6.  Susie
7.  Sasha
8.  Bentley
9.  Sully
10.  Wyatt

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sad News

I just read dat my pal Jazzi went to dat big taco stand in da sky.  We are all gonna miss ya tons.

Maybe dat were why I were lookin kinda sad in today's picture.