Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Whataburger Wednesday

Normally, I'd be doing a Wordless Wednesday post, but since I may not have dat much longer to bark at y'all, dere are no way I can spend a day bein wordless.  Even if I are barkin less and less in real life (don't worry, I's still barkin some, just not nearly as much as I used too).

My momma ain't da only one who made me a new dress dis week!  Finley's momma also did - and she made me a dress wif all kindsa tasty noms on it - burgers, fries, hot dogs, and milkshakes!

It wuz da perfect dress to wear for Whataburger Wednesday (yup, dat are what we do round here - Wednesdays at Whataburger.  It's a Texas thing y'all).

It even has burger buttons!  YUMMM!

I may not be feelin da best, but I still pose adorably. And models get paid in burgers right?  Which are why peeps is always sayin dat models look like dey need to eat a hamburger I finks.  Even though my momma hates dat eggspresshun - espeshually when it got directed at her recently.  Mostly cuz she are one of dose weirdos dat don't even like burgers, she always gets chikken samwiches.  I'll take any burgers you don't want momma. And your chikken samwich.  And da fries.  BOL BOL!

I even gots some musical accompanyment for dis dress too!

Ok, now dat I has got y'all hungry, BOL BOL!

Me and momma got in lotsa cuddles today.

We also went on a walk. But we had to run into anudder rude person who had to yell at us about how "funny" we were.  Finley's momma yelled back dat I wuz crippled and it isn't funny.  I don't know why peeps can't just mind dere own bizness - didn't dey ever watch Bambi??

All I gotta say is dat dere are some peeples who should consider demselves very lucky dat my momma don't carry.

Anyways, udder dan da rude dude, our walk went ok.

Den me and momma (and later Finley and her momma too) hung out by da pool.

Momma put me on da S.S.Whitley to float round some.  It wuz good to get cooled off.

Den it wuz time for a car ride to Whataburger!  And I wuz dressed perfectly!

I can chase dem Frenchy fries now!!!

Da orange and white A-frame, AKA, da promised land of BURGERS!

I'll take a Patty Melt please!

And an eggstra large order of fries!

Ok, I's ready to dig in!

Nuffin like Whataburger Wednesdays!

I got to share fries wif da mommas and I got some of Finley's momma's Patty Melt and some of my momma's Honey BBQ chikken strip samwich (I told ya she don't really like burgers, BOL!)  YUMMMM!  I think it made up for da rude dood.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm Your Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb!

Hey y'all!  Some of y'all thought da dress I wuz wearin yesterday wuz new - it wuzn't.  It wuz one of da dresses I gots from my birfday last year (since we celebrated dat in Florida, I had to have an allygator dress).  Anyways, dis are da new dress my momma made - it's got tons of cute lil cherries on it!

Dat are right, I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

I even has a musical soundtrack, BOL!

It are real cute - it kinda looks like 50s pin up style to my momma.

Here's a closeup - dere are even cherry buttons!

I's still lookin cute, even if I can't move much.

A new dress will still make me smile.

And here are me and my momma together - we been spendin tons of time together and I luvs it!  I's still not movin much at all - it wuz anudder day of da same.  I has to be held up be a scarf as a sling AND a harness wif a leash to do by bizness - it are embarrassin, speshully when weirdos gotta slow down dere cars to watch.  I don't watch dem do dere bizness, so dey should leave me alone, dat's what I thinks.

I got to go on a walkie today - I wuz alert for zombies, but we didn't see any.

My momma made Finley a cherry dress too and we wuz twinsies.

Den me and momma hung out by da pool - she are gettin real tan and I are workin on bleachin my furs out to be all white.

Since it wuz real warm again, I gots to get in on da S.S. Whitley for a lil bit.

Tonite wuz BBQ chikken and cream-style corn!

And guess who got some of each???  Dat are right - ME!!!  And it wuz delishus!!!

I's all ready for a nap now.  It wuz a pretty good day all and all, but I is not really doin any better which are frustamaratin. Sometimes I'll run in my sleep and it makes momma sad, she'd luv to see me walk again, much less run, but we know it isn't gonna happen.  I still can't even scoot around much.  All I can do is roll.

Please go visit my pal Forrest - he are gettin ready to make his trip to da Rainbow Bridge and I are shure his family could use some virtual hugs and POTP.  And I just found out one of my westie pals from Dogster, Ichabod, has lymphoma.  It are just too sad.

My momma and me really appreciamatates how kind everyone in Blogville has been to us, it are so tuff to be dealin wif.  As a lot of y'all know, my momma has had me since she wuz 15, which are bout half her life.  I's been coast to coast wif her and she are tryin to get used to da idea of life wifout me.  Which are why she keeps cryin I guess.  I don't like it when she cries.  After all, eventually I's goin to da land of endless BBQ chikken and smashed taters and eggie weggies and all dat goodness - it are no real reason to be sad.  And it seems like I's gonna have too many friends either waitin for me or arrivin right after.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Perfect Date

Hey y'all.  Today wuz anudder ok day.  It started off not so great.  Well, me and momma woke up and she did my exorcising and I did my nappin.  Two hours of exorcisin are not my idea of entertainment.  BIG YAWN.  She says it helps distract her from stuff and relieves stress.  I say naps do dat better, so we are just gonna have to disagree.

She decided to test me out in my Whitley Wheels.™  I'd been takin a break from em since I'd gone out in my front leg.  She wuz using my most favoritest snacks, Nillas, to try to get me to walk.  I took bout two very stumbly steps wif my front paws den lied down and let out a sad lil howl.  It wuz just too hard.  Momma felt like she had been a big meanie, but she wanted me to try.  At least she gave me da Nillas.

Me and momma spent lots of time cuddlin today.  We even color-coordinated again.   And momma finished my new dress - it wuz sposed to be for May, but she figgered she'd better go ahead and finish it since she'd already started.

Den we went on a walkie.  Today wuz a lot better - no jerk peeples around.  I got to see a duck too and Finley ran at it and made dat sassy duck fly.  Which wuz fun to watch.

I wuz smart and used my stroller edge as a headrest again.

Den me and momma went out to hang by da pool.  After all, today wuz da perfect date. April 25th.

Or a bikini if ya lives in Dallas and you're my momma.  It wuz 86 here today - no light jackets for us.

Since it wuz so warm I got to get in da pool.

I enjoyed lyin on da S.S. Whitley.

Den I napped by da pool while I dried off.

It are Monday, and round here dat means Wingstop night.  I got my more dan my usual share of da rolls (YUM!) and momma also gave me some chikken (most of it are too spicy for us pups - my momma are a mango habanero fanatic, but she gave me a lil bit dat wuzn't dat spicy).  But best of all - I got somefin really speshul!!

Yup, I got beer!  I got a lil bit poured up in a bowl - it wuz delishus!  Where has beer been all my life anyways?  Now I know why momma likes it so much, BOL BOL!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Funday??

Hey y'all.  Well, my Sunday wuz kind of a mixed bag.  I's still not movin any better, but I's not really any worse either.  I guess ya could say I are holdin steady, but it are still pretty frustermaratin not to be able to move.  

I started off wif a nice nap.  Finley's daddy went and mowed while my momma exorcised and gave me a nice fresh canvas for yard art.  Fanks!!

My Spurs finished off da Grizzlies today, so dat wuz good.  I like dem, dey is old like me.

I gots a speshul brekkyfast today - scrambly eggy weggy and bacons!  I are livin da good life when it comes to noms for shures!

My momma gave me lotsa eggstra cuddles today.  I tolerated most of em a lot better dan I tolerated dis photo, BOL.

I got to go for anudder stroller ride today.

Da good part - I gots pets from a lil girl!  I luv da lil kiddos, speshully lil girls!  I wuz so happy when she asked if she could pet me.  She even told her momma dat she wanted a dog like me.  Finley's momma says I are an ambassador for da breed since I are such a sweetie.  I just really like da kiddos and have ever since I lived in Lost Angulus - dere were two lil girls at da apartment complex I lived in and dey luved me and petted me pretty much everytime dey saw me.  It are kinda crazy to think dey are 16 and 13 now since dey wuz lil girls back when I knew em.

But unfortunately, my stroller ride wuz not all funs.  Dis jerk guy crossed da street wif his lil dog to come right by me and momma and let his dog rush us.  Not cool.  And I got so upset/scared dat "anger pooped" my stroller.  I used to anger poop on walks when I saw udder pups.  Momma got real upset cuz she had made shure I pooped before da walk so I wouldn't mess my stroller.  But becuz dis guy had to be an inconsiderate jerk and let his dog rush me, I made a mess.  And I wuz real embarrassed bout it.  I's always been a real clean girl, I's never been one to roll in poop or nuffin (I know some of y'all like it, but not me).  So it wuz a bit upsetting for me and momma.

But den I got cleaned off and went for some time in da backyard.  It clouded up, so I didn't get any pool time since it felt a lot cooler today.  It wuz sposed to be sunny, but dey never know what da weather are gonna do in da springtimes in Texas.

I napped by da pool while momma read.  Den we all came inside and I napped in my crab bed while da mommas both worked on dresses for me - momma says she are finishin up da one she had already started.  And I are tellin y'all - it are a cute one.  Momma says she should finish it tomorrow so maybe I can show it off on Tuesday.

Tonite it wuz Nilla Wafers and Game of Thrones wif da mommas and Finley's daddy.  I'm #TeamStark all da way, I mean wolves are a WAY better sigil dan dragons or lions, right??  Plus, dat Jon Snow are a cutie who isn't into his sister.  Always a good thing!