Sunday, July 20, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Hey y'all!  Well, it were finally sunny again so I gots to play pool ball.  And my momma finally stopped wif all da computer stuffs, so I gets to write again.  She were doin backups and installin a new operatin system and a whole lot of other borin junk dat meant da computer were busy and I couldn't get to write as much as I wanted.  

At least da cookie supply were not interrupted!

Friday, July 18, 2014

My Writing Process Blog Tour

Hey y'all!  Today I are doin da My Writin Process Blog Tour.  I were invited to dis blog tour by Earl and his momma are Earl's World.

If ya don't know Earl, he are a real cute 4 year old Border Terrierist from all da way over in da You Kay.  And he are real good at agility, he wins all kindsa big ribbons.  So go check him out, he are a very talented pup.

Now, for dis whole Writin Process Bloggy Tour, I are sposed to answer these three questions.  

1.  What am I working on?

Well, I are workin on preparin for da zombie apocalypse.  Wif lotsa of zombie huntin and barkin.  I are also workin on acquirin more stuffies and dresses, my hundreds of stuffies are not enuf.  

Whut momma?  I are sposed to answer what I are writin??

Ok, I are finkin of writin my memwars.  See, dis seems to be a pretty profitable fing, ya lives a long and interestin life den ya writes your memwars.  I mean, prezidents does it, actors does it, so I figure I are more famous and interestin dan dem so I should do it.

It'll have all kindsa interestin stuff like da time I killed 2 and a half skwerrilz at da UCLA campus, da time somebody tried to steal me, my friendships wif kitties, da time momma smuggled puppy me into Albertson's underneath her letterman's jacket and said da baby was kickin when I were squirmin, da time I got petted by a woman who's now a senator (don't worry, I's had lotsa baffs since and gotten all da politshun germ off), my friends in da NFL, my fame on both coasts, da time I dug a giant whole in Arizona, yeah I fink I got some good stories.

P.S., dis are da giant whole in Arizona.

2.  Why do I write what I do?

Becuz it are important informashuns dat needs to be barked far and wide.  And while I tries to bark it all out, I are not sure dat my pals in far away places like Scotland or Australia can hear my barkins.  I try, but dose places are WAY far away.  So I writes it so all my pals can sees it and reads my wisdom and adventures.  Becuz I know I are dat fascinatin dat to not write would deprive dem all.  And den dey would be sads.  Plus, I gotta warn dem bout zombiez so dat dey will not let dem attack and eat brains.  Nobody wants brain-eatin zombies on da loose.  If a brain-eatin zombie ate my momma's brains, who would play pool ball wif me???  Dese are da questions dat keep me up at night and make me writes.

Plus, my hero, Hank da Cowdog writes.  He has bout 60 somefin of his books bout all kindsa cases he solves as Head of Ranch Security on a ranch in da Panhandle.  And well, I don't live on a ranch, but I are a Head of Security, so I figured I should write too.

Dis are Hank, in case ya never has read his books.  Ya really should by da way.

3.  How does my writing process work?

It are all a stream of conshesness fing.  Like, I finks it, I says it.  Like write now I are finkin bout how much I would like a nice juicy rib eye.

See, how I just wrote bout da rib eye?  Dat are how steam of conshesness works.  Now don't worry if ya don't get it, it are very advanced stuff.  Only da bestest most informed Heads of Security know what I are talkin bout.

I always try to include some pictures of me becuz I know I are adorable and dat y'all wanna see a bajillion pictures of me.  Plus, my momma takes dem, so I try to make her feel useful.  Dese are a couple eggsamples.

So here are some pals I are nominatin to keep dis chain join and join in by postin dere answers to dese three questions next week:

1.  What am I working on?
2.  Why do I write what I do?
3.  How does my writing process work?

Oz are a cute lil Cairn Terrierist mix dude from Florida - ya should go check him out.

Stuart are one handsome Scottie dude from Virginias.  And ya know I likes da cute Scottie dudes.

3.  Carrie, Myfie, Ellie, and Millie at Pawed Blog

Myfie and Ellie are a couple westies (yeah, Westie Power!) and Millie is a cute lil shih tzu.  Carrie is dere peep and dey all live over in da Yoo Kay and dey are a bunch of cuties.

Ok, so I hope dis were super informative for all y'all.  Now y'all know some of my bloggin secrets, but don't go tellin everybody otherwise I might have to bite ya in da butt!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Hey y'all!  It were da opposite of wordless round here today since da plumber dudes came and decided to dig up MY front yard.  I did not give dem permishun to do dis and very upset and barked dem a lot.  I are just lucky dey did not dig up any zombiez, I were on high zombie alert.

Now my yard looks like I are ready for some trench warfare wif da naybors, which may not be a bad idea, but I doubt momma are gonna lemme play in da trenches.

Oh, and did I menshun momma says it are gonna rain tonight too?  I are gonna haf to be on high zombie alert all night.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We Are Blogville

My pals Murphy and Stanley are doin a BlogHop today to take a census of Blogville.

My name are Whitley and I are 11 and 10 months old (dat are right, I are almost 12, so start buying me birthday presents now).  I lives wif three kitties and my BFF Finley.  I lives in Plano, Texas right now and I luvs it.  I can even smell da smell of it from hours away and get all excited to be headin there.  Momma cannot figure out why.  It are dat speshul combination of swimmin pools, Republicans, bibles, heroin, tacos, barbecue, curry, soy sauce, money, shoppin malls, and freshly manicured lawns.  Dere are no place like home, it are my own slice of suburban paradise.  Besides, my momma says somebody needs to love Plano, BOL BOL!   

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Ya sees how I are lookin all fluffitudiness up dere?  Well, dat are cuz my momma got all evil lastest night and groomed me.  She were strippin out my furs, it were just torture.  I barely survived.

At least today were better.  I gotta go swimmin.  Well, I went swimmin yesterday too, but I also got groomed den.  No groomin today, not YET anyways, I's keepin my eye on her.  Anyways, some of ya pups been askin if I swims or if I just stays in my float.  Well, when it are over a hundred degrees, it are definitely time for some real swimmin.

See, dis are an underwater shot, momma gots an underwater camera so da puparazzi woman can follows me everywhere.  Dere are even a lil movie.

See whut a good swimmer I is??

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all!  Hope ya are havin a good Saturday.  Mine were pretty good, I got to play pool ball and I got a new dress yesterday from Petsmart.  And I got to bark da plumber dudes since a pipe burst.  Dat wuz fun!  Da mommas went in dere for a new scratchin post for da kitties, but of course me and Finley got stuffs too!

See, pretty cute and girly.  Momma are plannin to try to sew me a dress for my birfday - she's got 2 months to figure it out.  Which are probably not as much time as she needs, BOL BOL!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Just kiddin bout dat wordless part - BARK! BARK! BARK!

I's had some good barkins today since da air condishinur guys are here.  BARK! BARK! BARK!