Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My New UCLA Dress

Finley's momma made me a UCLA dress and I luvs it!  It are just da cutest!

It are reversible too!

Don't let anyone tell ya bein a model ain't hard work.  It are exhausteratin.

I'll be wearin my dress on game day dis Saturday.  And for all da other football games too!

Now, some of y'all have probably heard bout da Highland Games dat Blogville are gonna be holdin in honor of Kyla.  If ya hasn't, ya can check out da informashuns here.  Anyways, me and Finley are gonna be hostin Whitley and Finley's pub right here on my blog.  We'll be servin all kindsa scotch to celebrate and toast Kyla.  Be sure to stop by, Finley and me will be bartendin, but we'll be drinkin too and y'all will wanna get here before it's all gone.  ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all.  Today wuz a pretty borin day, I went on my Zombie Patrol wif Finley dis mornin and I barked all da zombies I saw.  Da peeps abandoned me to go to a moovee dis afternoon, so I had to protect da home from a Zombie Invashun while dey wuz gone.  And did I get any help from Finley?  Nope, she wuz asleep in my big bed when da peeps came home!  Dey are lucky dey got me around.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Zombie Huntin

It are dat time of year, da time when all da zombies come out.  Now, dey is out all year long and I are always watchin out for em, but ya gots to be on Triple Speshul High Alert in October.  Dere are even a zombie comin outta da ground right on my own block!  I's been barkin at it every time I go bys it, but it do not move.  Momma says it are just a Howloween decorashun, but I knows better.  See my momma, she ain't too smart and she needs me to look out for her, otherwise she'd get what lil brains she's got eaten by zombies.

And some lady on my walk told us dat we looked serious.  Well duh, huntin zombies are serious bizness!  It are not a big joke or somefin.  I are not quite sure she wasn't a zombie herself since she didn't try to pet me.  She probably wuz one.

Anyways, be on da lookout for zombies in your nayborhood, ya never know when or where dey are gonna show up.

P.S. I gots a new pal here in Blogville, her name are Frisbee and she are a cute lil westie girl.  Ya can check out her blog here.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Plans for Today

It are cold.  Well, it are in da 60s which are cold for here since it wuz 90 last week.  My momma even had to wear jeans instead of shorts.  It wuz rainy and now it are all wet.  It are windy.

Dese are my plans for today.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Well, it are another cloudy day here.  At least it are not rainin so I got my Zombie Patrol™ in.  Dere are lotsa zombies round dis time of year, ya gots to be extra-vigilant.  I tried to tell my momma I wuz practicin my Zombie Vigilance by lyin down on da ground and waitin for zombies to pop up, but she said somefin bout me bein old and lazy?  What da woof???  She are almost 16 years older dan me, she's da one who are ancient.  My 12 years is nuffin compared to her 27.  

At least I wasn't lookin for zombies in Ally's pants like Finley wuz.