Monday, August 18, 2014

Bad Poetree Day

Hey y'all!  I are participatin in my pal Oz's Bad Poetree Day today!

I's Whitley and I luvs to swim
In da pool wif my momma Kim
Life are better
When it are wetter
I like to go splash and splish
Maybe I are part fish
Bein in da water
Keeps me from bein hotter
Gettin in da pool
Is a good way to stay cool
Nuffin are more fun
Dan gettin in da water and outta da sun
When it are a hundred and three
Da pool's where you'll find me
And playin pool ball
Is da bestest thing of all
When I play I bark and arooo
Come over here and I'll bark ya too

Write your own bad poem dis week and join up wif da blog hop!  Ya can see more bouts it on Oz's blog.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Hey y'all.  It are another borin day round here, full of rainin and thunderboomers.  Da boomers don't bother me none, I sleeps right through em.  But it kinda means no walks and no pool ball.  And it kinda gives me dat bedraggled lookin thing I got goin on in da picture up dere.

I did get some bacon dis mornin, so dat wuz kinda interestin.  And I barked for some biscuit, but my momma wouldn't give me none.  

Hope y'all are havin some more eggcitement dan me.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all!  It were kinda a borin day round here - we did have some big thunderboomers but not much rain to show for it.  At least I got my walk in before dat happened.  And I barked some soccer playin zombies.

Friday, August 15, 2014

My New Paw Nosh Bowls

Hey y'all, ya may have seen da review my BFF Finley did of da Paw Nosh bowls her momma ordered for us.  Well, even if ya did, ya should read mine too since it's got pictures of me.

Dis week, some packages in da mail came for us.  And it are bout time.  Da peeps are always orderin things for demselves, like clothes, and weird speaker parts, and dolls and all kindsa weird stuff.  It are bout time dey ordered somefin for us.  A couple weeks ago, my momma were getting me and Finley's dinner ready and crazy Crockett jumped up on da kitchen counter and knocked one of our doggie bowls right to da ground.  And it were destroyed.

So Finley's momma went online lookin, and dat are when she discovered Paw Nosh.  Dey had some real pretty glass bowls and da mommas are suckers for pretty glass.  Ya know, da whole sparkly object thing??  Anyways, da bowls came in da mail and me and Finn were very interested.  Da bowls were packed up real fancy.

Dey ordered one big water bowl for us and two foodz bowls.

We's all likin em round here, I are even eatin more of my kibble.  And da water bowl even gets da Maurice stamp of approval and he don't even usually like drinkin water.

Dese bowls are kinda eggspensive, but dey is real heavy duty.  So dey are not gonna break.  And each one even comes wif a lifetime warranty so ya don't needs to worry bout another bowl.  Although I wouldn't be adverse to gettin a pink one if dey start makin dem.  So far, dey only make aqua, orange, and green.

Da bowls is made from recycled glass, so dey is "safe and sustainable" whatever dat means.  All I know is I like dat I can see through my food bowl, I can make sure Finley ain't sneakin up on me to steals my kibbles.

If ya wants to order a Paw Nosh bowl of your own, dey is runnin a sale until August 26 - use da code BEACH15 to get 15% off.

Oh, and like Finley said, we didn't get dese bowls for free or nuffin, we just did da review cuz we liked em!

In other news, dat lump round my eye are lookin a lot better, so I got to play pool ball today.  I wuz very happy!

P.S. Could y'all go vote for my kitty pal Inky in the Haus Panthers Cats Climbing High contest?  He are entry #6, so vote for his momma Laura Strickland here.  Fanks!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eye Problems

Hey y'all, today were not such a great day.  It started out all right, I ackshually had fun on my zombie patrol today - dere were lotsa dogs and zombiez out dere to bark and I barked dem all real good.  And I didn't sit nearly as much as I did yesterday which made my momma happy.  Dey get happy at da weirdest things.

But den my momma went to brush me (she said I wuz lookin a lil too scruffy and disreputable) and she noticed dis inflamed-lookin pink lump near my eye.  So instead of going out to play pool ball, which had been da plan, I had to wait round and go to da vet.  Momma didn't know what it were - maybe a bite or somefin, but she thought we should get da vet to check it out since it are so close to my eye.

Here's a pikshure of my eye if ya wanna see it.  It are not too pretty.

Da vet visit wasn't too bad, I got a shot of benadryl and dexamethasone which are sposed to help.  And I got some meds my momma has got to put on it.  If it are not better by Monday, I are sposed to go back.

Well, momma and me went out in da backyard and da pool dis afternoon.  But she wouldn't throw my pool balls for me since she didn't want to hit me in my eye or somefin since it are already messed up. What da woof???  I hope dis eye thing clears up kwik, I wanna go back to playin!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Face

Dis are my Monday face.  Ya ackshually eggspect me to get outta bed??

Well, I did my Zombie Patrol™ and den I played some pool ball.  And I did a lotta snoozin.  It are hot, which means it are a good time for snoozin in da A/C.