Friday, February 27, 2015


Yup, it are snowin in da Big D.

I did a quick check of da nayborhood.

No snow zombies out and bout, guess it are too cold for dem.

It are too cold for dis LWD anyways.

Yeah, da warm blanky are more like it.  I's been spendin da day in front of da fire place, gettin warm and snuggly in my new dog bed.  Or on a peep's lap.  Basically, wherever I wanna be, which are how it should be.

I did get some fresh boiled chikken today - yum yum.  I's back to eatin my dog food (sometimes anyways) too, which makes my momma happy.  She gets happy bout da weirdest stuff.  And I heard a roomer bout pizza tonite, which means some crust for me.  Now dat are somefin to get happy bout.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Da Vetman

Well, yesterday, me and Finley had to go to da vetman for our semi-annual checkups.  I weighed in at 18.6 pounds, a lil more dan Finley, but I has all dat extra hair.  At least dat are my excoose.

Since da hotspot are continuin to shrink, we are keepin up wif da rootine.  No real news there.  Dey stole some of my bloods in order to run a bazillion tests on em.  We'll probably get da results next week, for some reason momma has started gettin worried bout dese tests.  She didn't used to worry, but somefin bout me gettin older and blah blah blah.  Whatefurs.

It are still too cold for Zombie Patrol™.  Momma don't walk us if it are below 40.  And yeah, I know dat ain't cold for a lotta y'all, but we's Texans and we don't do cold.  I's lived in Bawston, so I know all bout dem real bad colds and snows and all dat.  And Dallas cold are too cold for me nowadays.  So I's just nappin inside by a toasty fireplace, works pretty good.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ice Ice Baby

We gots da ice here, which means all da peeps are here at home.  And nobody are doin much of anythin cept watchin movies and stayin warm and stuff like dat.  Ya know what dis sounds like to me momma??  Good weather for sewin, dat are what.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all.  It are gettin nasty cold out dere - we's been havin tons of rain all day and now da ice are comin.  

Dis are what I are doing - testin out da new big bed dat Finley's momma made us.

See momma, dis are da kinda thing you should be doin wif your time.  Not readin borin books and makin cards and - what???  Dose are my Christmassy cards you's gettin a jump start on?  Ok, well, I guess ya can do dat.  But ya know what are a total waste of time?  Dat hour your spent groomin me yesterday.

Whatdya mean if I wants stuff made for me I shouldn't bite ya when ya's strippin me?  You deserved dat one.  I mean, it are gonna ice tonight and you's strippin me??  What wuz you thinking???  I think I's just gonna go back to sleep now.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sleepy Saturday

I went out and I did my mornin zombie check today - no Zombie Patrol™ on counts of Finley's momma's knee botherin her.  I are really missin my Death March™ today, ya knows it.  And oh no, it are sposed to be gettin cold and rainy which means no Death Marches™ for a few days.  What are I gonna do wif myself?  BOL!

Well, I's had my chikken.  And I got some bacon and a lil bit of eggy weggy dis mornin too.  I think it are time to go back to bed.  Wake me up when somefin interestin are happenin. 

Momma, you can get to workin on dat February dress, da end of da month are comin up soon.

P.S.  I just discovered a couple a days ago dat my pal Bonnie has a blog.  Bonnie are a pawsome westie gal, so go say hi to her.  She's blind and has got SARDS and Cushing's.  I knows her from da Twitter, she are in #theaviators and #zombiesquad wif me.  Go say hi!