Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Hey y'all!  I got some pool ball in today.  I wuz depraved deprived of it yesterday.  And it wuz actually not my momma's fault since she wanted to play.  But Finley's daddy busted my S.S. Whitley raft.  It are a couple years old and he tried floatin round in it and one of da bolts came out.  Grrrr.

Luckily, Finley's momma knows how to fix it so today I wuz back to playin.

And I played real good today, momma thinks I wuz showin off for Finley's momma who wuz out there wif us.  Well, of course I wuz, I had to show her I apprecimatated her fixin my raft.

I also got some floatin in too, still guardin momma's feet.  So far, dey has not been attacked by zombies or alligators in almost 13 years, so I think I are doin a pretty good job.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Selfie

Well, I has a couple selfies for y'all today.  I took dis one inside, on my bed.

And I also managed to get a pool selfie!  I think da pool one are my favorite, what do y'all think?

I got to play pool ball today, me and momma had a lot of fun.  Well, I know I did.  I'm assumin dat throwin balls while I yap at her are fun for her.  I are pretty sure it are da hi-lite of her day.

It wuz nice to get in da water and play since it wuz real hot.

Even Finley and her momma got in da pool today and played!

Me and momma also spent some time floatin round and listenin to music.  I wuz guardin her feets, I does dat a lot.  In da pool, in da recliner, in da bed.  I don't want no zombies sneakin up and bitin her feets.

And I took sunbathed by da flamingos too.  No matter how much I sunbathe, I stays white (or close to white anyways) and don't get tan like momma.

Friday, July 24, 2015

July Dress Part Dos

Well, here are da udder side of my dress.  And yeah, my furs are all kindsa crazy since I just woke up from a nap.

It's got flowers, butterflies (or buttiepillars as my pal Princess Leah calls em), and ladybugs.

Here are a close up, includin da lil ladybug buttons.

I gotta get to work on pickin out da fabric for my August dress now!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Da July Dress

Well, momma ackshually got her stuff in gear dis month and finished my dress on Monday.  I can't believes it, it are not even da 30th yet.  BOL BOL!  So anyways, here it are, or at least one side of it.  Ya are gonna have to check back tomorrow to see da reverse side.

I think da bees and da flowers look pretty summery.  After all, we got lotsa flower (and some bees too!) outside.

And a close up of da buttons - too bad dey dat hive don't some wif some real honey for me to lick up.

So what do y'all think are on da udder side?  Any guesses?  I'll give ya a clue - it kinda matches wif da theme of da bees dress.

Oh, and BFF Finley had an escape attempt dat involved chasin a kitty outta our yard - she went nutso and was off running down da alley.  At midnight too.  But her momma caught her.  All dat runnin sounds like way too much work for me.