Saturday, November 22, 2014

All Dressed Up

Well, it are Saturday round here, which means da peeps are watchin football.  Hahvahd already beat Yale, which we wuz happy bout.  Now Arizona are playin, dat are where Finley's daddy went.  And den it are time for da UCLA-$C game, and I's all dressed up and ready!  Da onliest one of our teams dat ain't playin today are Texas, dey has da week off.  

At least dere are somefin good to do round here, since da weather are kinda wet and yucky.  And I got to share some of da bacon da peeps had for brunch dis mornin, dat sure was tasty!

Hope ya gets some tasty treats today too.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Snow?  In Texas?  In November?

Yup, we had a lil bit of snow on da ground last night.  My momma wuz not happy bout it.  Neither wuz Finley.  But I liked it and were snuffin round in it.

It are all gone now.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Selfie

Look, I are doin my Crockett impreshun!  For dose of ya who don't know, Crockett are one of our kitties and he are always givin raspberries.

It are a cold dreary nasty wet day here.  So no Zombie Patrol today.  But we did have a Zombie Encounter, some weird old guy walkin his dog in front of our yard while we wuz out dere leavin yard art.  So I started goin crazy and my momma pulled on my leash and told me she wuz not in da mood for dat.  And da old man zombie told momma she wuz rude to me and bein aboosive.  Well, I'll show him aboosive, I'll give him a butt bite for dat.  So I barked him and he left.  Momma just said she didn't ask for his opinion, she restrained herself from using da #$^! words, which are pretty good since she wuz kinda cranky bout bein woken up at 7 in da mornin and bein out in da cold.  And den havin some weirdo tell her she was aboosin her dog.

Do I look aboosed?  BOL!

My aboosive momma got me a new sweater da other day from Petco, it are all cute and pink.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sepia Saturday

Hey y'all.  It's gotten real cold here, more like January cold dan November cold.  Of course, da cold here don't compare to Bawston, but dat doesn't mean my momma aren't complainin bout it tons.  But even da cold are not stoppin her from draggin me on da Bataan Death March taking me on a walk.  It are not really much of a Zombie Patrol™ since it are too cold for zombies.  Well, unless dey's Game of Thrones zombies, but I ain't seen none of dose.  Dey's probably up in Mini-Soda or somefin.  Anyways, momma actually expected me to be grateful for gettin to go on a walk in da cold and not try to sit down.  BOL, she are delushunal.  

We did run into one weird zombie dude drivin a car who had to stop and tell da mommas dat dey looked like pumpkins wif legs (dey wuz wearing UT sweatshirts today).  Zombies apparently got really weird senses of humor I guess.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Birthday Fun

Yesterday it wuz my grandma's, Finley's momma's, birthday.  She are even older dan me!  But I are older dan here in dog years.  She had a pretty good day - she got crabcakes eggs benedict for breakfast wif a couple of mimosas.  And she got a whole lotta presents, but none of em squeak.

Da peeps went to Pappaddeaux for dinner.  Dey brought back some foodz, but didn't give me none.  Whadaya mean I don't need crawfish e-too-fay momma??  Anyways, den dey had key lime pie for dessert, at least I gotta lick da plate!